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Southern Cross, paperback by Robin Ryde

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<i>Southern Cross, paperback by Robin Ryde</i>
<i>Southern Cross, paperback by Robin Ryde</i> <i>Southern Cross, paperback by Robin Ryde</i>

£6.99 £10.99

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Southern Cross paints a spectacularly terrifying picture of a dystopian world; one of deepening inequalities, brutal regimes, and unbridled corporate dominance. Robin Mann, a solitary and disaffected company executive, is drawn into a beguiling group of radicals committed to altering the trajectory of the world. But their extraordinary talents and uncompromising methods test Robin's commitment and pose profound moral questions about resistance and how far he is prepared to go. 

Fast, fearless and wildly imaginative, Southern Cross is like Albert Camus' alienated outsider thrown into the heart of the Baader-Meinhof project. This is a boundary-less, expansive journey in Science Fiction like none other that you will read.

"Robin Ryde has written a great story of love, empathy and survival in an oppressive dystopia. Please read this book and help make this world a better place"

Jon Gnarr, former Mayor of Reykjavik and author of How I Became the Mayor of a Large City in Iceland and Changed the World