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About Situation Press

Charlie, Lisa and Robin have been friends since their tender teenage years when they each DJ’d nights in Hull’s glamorous Wellington Club.

Charlie’s life was derailed when he heard The Fall’s Lay of the Land on Peel, and has since stumbled perilously close to stalking Mark E. Smith, having seen the group 35 times (at the time of writing).

Lisa’s DJing career was almost strangled at birth by Steve Albini when she cued up her first record by Big Black at the wrong speed. Kerosene sounds even more sinister at 45 RPM.

Robin cut his teeth on punk music at the age of thirteen by sneaking into UK Subs and Stiff Little Fingers gigs. But his true awakening happened on first hearing of Stations of the Crass – after which nothing was the same again.

By day Charlie is a graphic designer, while Robin and Lisa attempt to shake up the way organisations work. Although none of them knew it, Situation Press and The Truth of Revolution, Brother was always going to be the result of their friendship.