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The Truth of Revolution, Brother book launch

TV Smith


The Truth of Revolution, Brother had it’s head well and truly wet last Thursday (4th December) at Brixton’s spectacular Windmill.

A mix of contributors, Kickstarter supporters and other dodgy characters luminaries enjoyed sets from TV Smith, Interrobang‽, Steve Lake, the Møb and more. It was a cracking night.

For this author, it was also the only place it could’ve happened. One of the first things I did on the book was nervously wander up to Jeffrey Lewis, who was running his merch stall after (yet another) Windmill gig, and ask him if he’d be interviewed for the project. Him saying yes made the whole thing real – not to mention attainable. Perhaps us three berks would manage it!

So it was truly fucking magical to be back in the venue – with actual printed books! – some 18 months later. 18 months where Jeffrey’s spirit of generosity has been replicated time and time again by so many interviewees, fixers, supporters and friends – many of whom were at the launch.


And what a kick-off we got! TV Smith! Doing Gary Gilmour’s Eyes! Interrobang‽ totally totally nailing it (is it really possible these people don’t have a record out yet?) Oh jesus christ nailed to the floor!: Ghostigital’s Einar Örn Benediktsson doing an impromptu Don’t Push Me! The Møb playing Zounds songs with Steve Lake, and then a set of their own! Steve IgnoRANTing!

There’s some footage below (thanks Mickey Penguin for the Zounds/Mob) – and until some Interrobang‽ clips turn up you'll have to make do with them at the Brundenell Social Club in Leeds.

Thanks so much to everyone who played, turned up (especially Frances, Sid, Zillah, Tony, Graham,Jona and Gaye) and wished us well.